NEXT Credentials issue "Please enter your NEXT account information to access the cluster"

  • 10 July 2024
  • 6 replies


After installing Nutanix Community edition , i cant login with my NEXT Credentials .
our cluster has internet access and not have proxy .

6 replies

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Did you register your account? Here’s the link to do that: Community Edition | Nutanix



Yes, I registered using my account and can login to my.Nutanix successfully.

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What is the exact error (screenshot) you see in prism element??

this error “Cannot validate the credentials provided “


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So the cluster doenst have internet access. SSH into a cvm with nutanix nutanix/4u and do the following:


  • ping
    • Does this work? Then the cluster does have internet but we need to check dns;
    • Doesn’t this work, make sure the gateway is correct and that the nodes really have internet access;
  • ping
    • Doesn’t this work? Add the dns server via: ncli cluster add-to-name-servers servers=



I can ping to and as shown in screenshot .