New Installation with Windows 2012 R2

  • 31 January 2016
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i am wondering where i can find a best practice guide for deploying Nutanix Servers with Windows 2012 R2.

and how to mount the boxes starting from Networking, for VDI Solution.

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5 replies

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RE Windows
Are you talking about Windows as the hypervisor? Or the Guest?

RE "Mount Boxes"
Are you talking about end to end installation? Or just how to set up networking?
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Manay thanks for you prompt response,
i am looking for installing Windows with GUI as a hypervisore,

regarding mount the servers, i am looking for end to end( starting from cables ending to creating V-switchs)
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I'd recommend that you start out with the Field Install Guide:

I'd also recommend you go through our NPP training course, which you can access the content for free here:
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many thanks for you,
but where i can find the SE deployment guide? or i would appreciate if i could have some videos illustarting this.
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I emailed the local Nutanix partner team to have them reach out to you locally and help out.

Will be better with timezone differences, etc. They can take you through lots of the technical details