New Installation of Nutanix CVM not accessible

  • 19 January 2024
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I’ve created a VM within Proxmox, I’ve been able to log into AHV but the Web Portal and CVM are not Accessible they are on the same networks. 

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5 replies

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What does virsh list --all show from the AHV root prompt?

This will let us see if the CVM is deployed + powered on within AHV before we consider networking.



I keep getting errors about finding Gensys and then I kick start genesys and then it's complaining about Zeus I've rebuilt the image a couple of times .. when I get to work on Monday I'll pull the results but I can get VMware to install to a regular desktop PC with only a little tweak to add Realtek driver support it should not be this difficult to install Nutanix... 

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Hi there,

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying but comparing ‘just’ the hypervisor (ESXi) to the whole software defined hyper-converged stack (AHV+AOS/CVM) isn’t quite a straight comparison.

Be good to see what the errors are, genesis would be running inside the CVM so I’m hoping if you’re seeing those then the virsh list --all will show the CVM up and running then we can get into it via ssh nutanix@ from the AHV prompt.

Then we’re interested in the output of genesis status first.



Ok, so I forgot to enable the settings in Proxmox for nested virtualization which was causing issues with the CVM starting services, not to mention I only gave everything 32gb of RAM so I doubled that and it finally loaded up and I was able to create the cluster 

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Ah fantastic news!

Nice skills :)