Network Segmentation and Port groups for BackPlane Network

  • 16 January 2023
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Our setup will look very similar to the attached diagram once it’s setup  (taken from here - 

We won’t have the separate DVS for the VM’s though as these will be on the same DVS with everything else 😊


What I'm trying to understand is what the vmk2 kernel interface is used for and why this must be on its own port group and can’t use the same port used by the CVM.  I’ve illustrated what I thought should be possible with the blue line.


Within Prism where you change the setting for the Backplane network, you must select a port group for the CVM and for the host.  However, when you try to select the same port group for both host and CVM it gives an error and won’t let you do it. 


Does anyone know why they need to be on separate port groups even though they will be on the same Backplane VLAN? 



I hope that made sense

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