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  • 17 March 2020
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I’m new to nutanix and this is my first post :) 

I’ve started to create a cluster in a lab environment and it seems to work fine. I created two bridges with 2x10G and 2x1G for user VM traffic. 

For the next step I tried to use the network segmentation to separate management and backplane traffic. Therefore an eth2 interface is required for the CVMs. Problem is, that there’s no eth2 available, just eth0 and eth1:


When I start the segmentation process I got the particular error message:



Did I miss something?




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3 replies

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Hi! It does not seem like you miss anything. A bit strange to be honest. Is the output the same on all CVMs?

What version are you running?

The interface should be added (if it’s not there) during the AOS upgrade. Are you able to roll out an upgrade on CVMs?

Yes, the output is the same on all CVMs. I’m running the current CE 2019.11.22 installed from USB stick. What kind of upgrade should I roll out? There are no new updates available in the software update section of prism.

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Questions for CE should be raised under the Nutanix Community Edition forum.

I might suggest you check whether a second virtual interface was added on your CVMs, and whether there is a config file at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth2. If either is not found then it’s true that eth2 doesn’t exist on the CVM.

Usually the CVM cluster can automatically create the eth2 interface by sending the right commands to the hypervisor and rebooting the CVMs one at a time. This may not be true for CE or something might have blocked this process.