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  • 12 February 2020
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We all have encountered file system corruption in our environment and sometimes it can bring down the entire production architecture. 

Do we have a mechanism to proactively check for File System corruption in a Controller VM irrespective of the hypervisor?

Nutanix Cluster Check has a specific check “fs_inconsistency_check ” to look for EXT4-fs error/warning in system logs periodically and inform the end-user. 

Need more information regarding the Check?

Try giving the following KB article a read.


So, what should we do in case NCC Health check reports the error?

The article mentions steps to identify if it is a false positive or we need to reach out to Nutanix Support with a particular log bundle.


Need more help regarding an NCC Health check or confused regarding the same?

Drop a comment and let’s start a conversation.


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