Multiple VMKernel Port Deployment

  • 30 April 2014
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Today I've been working on a new PoC NX-7110 install at an existing NX-3460 customer.

This customer has extremely tight networking standards which has lead to a number of issues to add the additional node and expand the cluster.

The customer has the following existing setup within their current Nutanix Cluster:

vmk0: External IP address for ESXi management only (VLAN 901)
vmk1: vMotion (VLAN 902)
vmk4: Nutanix Management Port (VLAN 903 - completely isolated, non routable subnet for NFS traffic only)
Controller VM (VLAN 903)

Due to the requirement to have the CVM and vmk4 on the completely isolated NFS VLAN, this has caused issues during the cluster expand.We've resolved these issues with manual ncli intervention.
I don't want to dive into this, the details will be extremely long and tedious. Nutanix Engineering can speak to Soby if they need more info.

By way of feature request, would it be possible to develop additional fields during the cluster setup / expand which takes into consideration an environment with multiple VMKernel ports and be able to tag their roles?

Initial thoughts would be options to add the following vmkernel ports individually (advanced setup) or all on one port (current deployment model):
  • Hypervisor Management
  • vMotion
  • Nutanix NFS
Taking it one step further, an additional request would be an Interface on the Nutanix CVM for management only (not NDFS)

Feedback and discussion welcome.

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2 replies

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Hello Darryl,

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this request!
You can add your voice to this topic I created in the Product Features request section:

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did you know its possible to open up support cases just to request for features or enhancements?
this may be a good avenue for this kind of query for now and future.