move CVM to GMT?

  • 16 April 2015
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Any thoughts about moving the CVM to a non-daylight saving timezone We typically use the GMT timezone of Atlantic/Reykjavik.

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4 replies

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You can change the timezone withthe following command:
ncli cluster set-timezone timezone=cluster_timezone**Replace cluster_timezone with the timezone of the cluster, timezones are defined in /usr/share/zoneinfo (for example, America/Los_Angeles, Europe/London, Asia/Tokyo).
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Hi, Thanks for the reply. If i make this adjustment, will all future nodes added to the cluster inherit this timezone setting automatically?
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In NOS, zookeeper should enforce the CVM to acquire the timezone when a new node is added.
I am not sure it does not in previous versions, so a cluster could be running with CVMs in different timezones, but as long as the epoch time matches there is no problem in functionality. NCC will display a Warning if this condition is found.
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Adding to f3rm1n post, I have observed that upgrade of NOS on CVM resets the timezone.