Modify extra flags on VM

  • 26 June 2019
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I am trying to make changes to the "extra_flags" option on a VM. I have 2 issues. Is there a way to remove and "extra_flag" added to a VM?

Also is there a way to specify the CPU model. I see there is a way to do it in KVM, but not sure how it works in Nutanix. I am trying to do nested virtualization, but for some reason nested VMs don't boot due to the xsave/xsaveopt feature it seems. The host is quad SandyBridge CPUs, but it worked when I specified the CPU model as Westmere. Anyone else have this issue or have an idea of how to specify the features passed through?

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You would have to open a case with Nutanix Support to remove the extra_flag option, I’m afraid.

As per CPU model, I can’t see an option available. Hopefully, someone in the community was able to find a way around with nested virtualisation.

Please share if you have found it yourself while waiting for the reply.