migrating sles 12 vm's from ahv to ESXi

  • 22 January 2019
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my client want to migrate all their sles 12 vm's from AHV to their ESXi farm (SAP Hana), currently i'm using the vmware converter but not success, got error cannot query live Linux machine..

i did try this --> but process stuck in qemu-img convert, and my cvm will give an error "CVM Services Restarting Frequently"..

any suggestion to make more easier?



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2 replies

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Can you advise on this? FYI Fadzlee has tried to perform conversion via qemu-img multiple times but with the error (and CVM went hanging) as mentioned in the topic above.

FYI the kernel for the SLES 12:

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Here are some articles that might help:


From Nutanix Documents:

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From other Information sources:

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