Migrate Nutanix Cluster from one vCenter to Another

  • 16 July 2019
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We are creating a Nutanix cluster and staging/patching before moving to the production site. We don't have time during staging to stand up the whole infrastructure on the new cluster (vCenter, AD, etc) so we are adding the new hardware to an existing vSphere/vCenter environment. We will need to then move the cluster to the new site, and build the new AD/vCenter servers and use the new hosts to create a new Nutanix cluster. Trying to discern the best way to migrate the cluster from one vCenter/AD to a new vCenter/AD that will be built fresh.

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The following KB explain what you need to do:

From Nutanix perspective basically you will have to unregister/register the vCenter from Prism... all other steps are VMware related and in case of any questions you may have to engage VMware.