Managing VM Disks in AHV using CLI is EASY!

  • 15 February 2020
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Working using CLI is easy, simple, elegant and fast. Every administrator loves scripting and automating tasks using the command line. Nutanix makes Management tasks related to virtual disks easy, simple and efficient using CLI. So, what are the situations in which you might need to perform VM Disk management actions if you’re an administrator?

  • You created a VM with a disk of 250GiB and now you need to increase it to 500GiB

What if you need to increase the size of a VM Disk?

  • Created a Disk but now need to clone it to different VMs!

Need to create an image from a VM disk?

  • Created a VM with the wrong BUS Type!

Do we need to change the index of IDE disk?

  • We all have faced a situation in which we might need to insert an ISO to a CD ROM or eject a CD ROM
  • We have created a Volume Group and now need to manage the disks in the VG

Most of these actions can be performed using the Prism GUI but what if we are more interested in CLI approach and want to automate these day-to-day admin tasks

Do we have a document detailing the steps, best practices, situations and guidelines to perform VM Disk operations in Nutanix AHV cluster?

Give the following article a coffee read to understand the VM Disk Operations in AHV:- KB-8062

Have questions regarding VM Disk Management?  Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion!

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