Live Migration from HP ESX to Nutanix ESX

  • 30 September 2016
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I am attempting to migrate an ESX cluster sitting on traditional storage and HP hardware to our new Nutanix node. The goal is that we have to make this a live migration before resorting to cold methods.

I am aware of the NFS whitelisting method and shared nothing cold migration, however the shared nothing live vmotion migration is not working for me and I was hoping one of you guys knew why. We are using the web browser to do shared nothing vMotion (svMotion + vMotion) in one go.

The error message that I get when trying to vMotion from the old cluster to the new cluster is that the source and destination hosts are not eligible for simultaneous storage and compute vMotion

Here is the set up

Both clusters are in the same vCenter 6 - Windows

Old cluster:
HP DL 380 G5 (Penryn Generation)
ESXi 5.1 U3
1 GB network
VSS - vlan 66

New cluster:
Nutanix (Sandy Bridge Generation and Ivy) - EVC enabled for Sandy Bridge mode
ESXi 5.5
10 GB network
VDS - vlan 66

Is it because VSS can't talk to VDS? We attempted to create a dummy VSS on the nutanix cluster and ran in to the same error.

We did not try changing the Nutanix cluster EVC mode from Sandy Bridge to Penryn - is this why?

We would like to exhaust all resources of doing this live before attempting to do this with downtime.

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Step 1: file a support ticket and CC me jon at, happy to keep an eye on it and help where I can.

A few ideas that will need to happen:
VSS vs VDS doesn't help, and to do anything without downtime, you'll need to do a split legged VSS / VDS setup on at least one of the Nutanix hosts

Meaning, if the host has 2 legs, you split one off of the VDS and make a VSS that matches the source VSS. That will clear that roadblock at least, and its easy to do, and easy to move back when done.

EVC really is only needed if theres ever a chance that you'll go backwards. Like if you had one big cluster with multiple CPU generations, and powered a VM up on a new host and wanted to vMotion back to the old host, so you shouldn't need to set that up.

That said, what sort of new environment on Nutanix are you implementing where you have Sandy and Ivy bridge systems? Everything we're shipping these days almost exclusively is Haswell or Broadwell.