Linux VM Modifications Under AHV

  • 4 December 2020
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Many users will create a Linux VM on their Nutanix AHV cluster using default installation options, then configure and install any appropriate applications or services within the VM, and then move onto other tasks. While this approach is certainly acceptable, many users are unaware that there are additional modifications that can be made to the Linux VM OS which can enhance the performance or the overall functionality of the VM.

For example, there are several Linux kernel parameters which can be configured including “vm.overcommit_memory” and “vm.swappiness”. If leveraging iSCSI connectivity, there are several parameters that can be modified within the iscsid.conf file which can increase performance.

Regarding disk usage, volume group striping can be employed using LVM to further increase throughput. There are further parameters that can be employed when mounting disks, and accessing disks can be assisted via a max_sector_kb parameter.

You can find more information regarding these modifications, including the means to employ them, via the Linux on Nutanix AHV guide.

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