Lenovo HX failed to convert and use foundation to setup

  • 7 December 2016
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I have 3 nodes of Lenovo HX and running on ESXi. As we need to use Acropolis, we decided to do one click conversion and the process failed by first node unable to boot up with anything and boot up with phoenix# boot. Decided to do a reimage of the cluster so use foundation 3.5 with AHV and 2 nodes manage to install but the same failed node failed to install and stuck at 17%. Upgraded firmware and tried manual installation using AHV and later ESXi together with phoenix disc and the same node still failed while running phoenix.
Attached the screenshot of the error.

Appreciate any help.


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3 replies

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Please open a ticket with Lenovo support for Foundation issues, they can help you run it down.
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If proceeding with Phoenix method, should you use installer-el6.nutanix.20160215.iso
It will also install AOS. You can upgrade it later
Please refer to this link
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Thanks WeeJian - that's definitely an odd error you're running into. It's basically failing to get some information about a particular block device (/dev/sdg). If you still have the node in that state would you mind posting the output of "lsscsi"?