LDAP login without the domain name

  • 21 September 2020
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We have a very long domain name and with the current config we are using the UPN ( name to login. This is becoming very irritating for me to enter the domain name each time I login. Can we configure a default domain for all the login users to use if the user didn’t mention any domain and of course if we don’t have local user by the same name?


5 replies

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Hi AbhilashT,


If LDAP authentication is used, enter the user name in username@domain format; the domain\username format is not supported. The user principle name [UPN] attribute is used to find the user account in Active Directory, so your user name must be in that format.

Source: Logging into Prism Central

I wasn’t able to find any alternative to this or a workaround, unfortunately.

The only idea that crossed my mind is to maybe try and use a domain alias instead?

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Thanks Alona.

There should have been an implementation that append the default domain if nothing entered in the username field and provided there is no local user by the same name. This will prevent lot of keystrokes.

Will submit it as an idea and see.

We also would highly appreciate this - ours is like - we would highly like to filter off that, which is what our AD uses for real DNS domain.  However, we don’t use any other domain authentication - so really don’t need that and it’s annoying to have to type in each time you login.

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@AbhilashT where can I vote on this idea?

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Please use the below link and vote the idea.


Also if you are lazy like me you might like this one too, have suggested an option to SSH/RDP to the CVM/cluster/user vms directly from the PC.