LCM updates without DRS license ?

  • 28 February 2019
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for LCM updates I see that pre-checks require DRS in fully automated mode.
It’s possible to perform LCM updates without DRS in fully automated mode (in the event that a customer does not have DRS in his licenses) ?

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2 replies

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VMware Enter Maintenance Mode:

* If the host is part of a partially automated or manual DRS cluster, a list of migration recommendations for virtual machines running on the host appears.
* If the host is part of an automated DRS cluster, virtual machines are migrated to different hosts when the host enters maintenance mode.

IF you have HA & DRS

First make sure that the HA config : VM Overrides must be disable the CVM VMs vSphere DRS Automation -> Disable & vSphere HA Restart Priority → Disable.




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Hi @Manuel80,

Unfortunately the LCM requires a vSphere cluster with DRS enabled. If your license do not include DRS (like for instance vSphere Essentials), the only way to perform the upgrade is the manual method. If you want perform manual firmware upgrade, please open a support ticket and we can provide link for step by step guide and ISOs with the firmware bundles.