LCM Troubleshooting | Part -1 Pre-checks

  • 2 March 2020
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Life-cycle Manager has made the life of every Nutanix Admin easy by providing a 1-click approach to upgrade the firmware and in the latest version, the hypervisor seamlessly. 


 Let’s consider a scenario, where you went ahead with an LCM upgrade but noticed it failing as some pre-checks failed. 


 What are these pre-checks? 


Before any upgrade, LCM runs a series of pre-checks to confirm the cluster stability and if all the prerequisites are fulfilled before  proceeding with the upgrade.


Do we have a document listing all the pre-checks and their resolution? 


The following document lists all the pre-check, their description and resolution. This might come in handy if we are trying to troubleshoot as to why the LCM pre-checks have failed.




Want to know more about Life Cycle Manager and its features? 

Give the following document a coffee read! 


LCM Guide 

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