LCM failed, node is not booting

  • 21 July 2019
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Hello there,

I am running AHV 5.5.5 after trying to upgrade BIOS and BMC through LCM, one of my nodes failed, then its not booting up, keeps booting in pheonix, tried disabling maintenence mode for the node with no luck, and i was trying to force boot into host via "python" but the script doesnt seem to exist.

Any help ?

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4 replies

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Looks like I got the same thing.  LCM. Software succeeded.  First host for firmware upgrade, stuck in Phoenix.


ESXi6.7, HPE DX360 gen10


Case opened.



this got me going when I was stuck on a Sunday with a lengthy LCM and no time to spare. Don’t have time to wait for a prio 3 ticket!


Thanks @RichardsonPorto , this has fixed my issue, i am currently upgrading my AHV to 5.10 then might try again with LCM 2.0, but would rather to try it manually, is there a guide to where can i find the latest SATA/BIOS firmwares ?

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Hi @habibraed

The correct command to reboot a host stuck on phoenix back to the hypervisor is:

python /phoenix/

But, I recommend you open a support tickets instead of recover the host by yourself, since the support will try first understand why host was stuck into phoenix before recover the host.