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  • 12 April 2018
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We are using Nutanix ( AOS with AHV-Hypervisor.

Connecting to a VM(W2K12,W2K8, German) via Prim & VNC-Console there is no possibility to change Keyboard-Layout.

Our Computers are on Win7 - German with German QWERTZ - Keyboard Layout.

No matter which Browser we are using (IE11, Chrome, Firefox) we can not type special characters like \ / .

We also tried the American Key for / \ without success.

Is there a posibility to fix this Problem? Or is it a Bug ?

Looking forward to hear your comments:


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5 replies

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Thanks for sharing @FHil I'll get a reply and respond to you.
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Change the keyboard layout to English on the local machine from where you are accessing the noVNC console.
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Hi @FHil

Did the answer from @sandeepmp help? If yes, consider clicking the 'like' and 'best answer' link on the reply - that will help others find answers to similar questions much quicker, Thanks
Hey @sandeepmp , it works changing Keyboard Layout to English on my local machine & on VM.

Hope there will be a fix for German Layout, because i can not use the English one
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Thanks for sharing @FHil - hope to see you here often helping other community members with your expertise and experience! 👍