JSON metadata file for Hyper-V upgrade

  • 22 February 2022
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NUTANIX documents on upgrading Microsoft OS from 2012 R2 to 2016 reference the need for both the OS ISO file and also the “metadata upgrade JSON file.”  Where do I locate the JSON file? 

It says the Nutanix support portal but I’m not able to access it there. It also mentions the “Hyper-V ISO file” but it’s unclear what that is referencing? If it is referring to the Server 2016 ISO file there doesn’t appear to be any file like this. 

  • Upgrade using ISOs. The Prism web console supports 1-click upgrade (Upgrade Software dialog box) of Hyper-V 2016 or 2019 by using metadata upgrade JSON file. This file is available in the Nutanix Support portal Hypervisor Details page and the Microsoft Hyper-V ISO file.

Anyone able to point me to where to get this file so I can perform this needed upgrade?


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Hi @GlennV 

Here’s the link to download the json file. You’ll need access to support portal to download it

Once you are there apply the filter options needed and click on Download button to download the json file

You can also check this post



Thank you for this response. Very helpful because it verified what I was thinking but didn’t want to assume. I can only access this through the support portal. Which makes sense honestly. Although I’m currently unable to access the support portal. Trying to resolve this by working with my Nutanix rep and Dell (where I purchased the Nutanix system in 2018) but support lapsed on the hardware, unfortunately the Nutanix support is tied to that (big mistake on my part!) and now I’m stuck. Can’t get support until I get system upgraded. Need JSON file to upgrade but can’t access the JSON file because I don’t have active support.