iSCSI Data Services IP Undiscoverable

  • 15 November 2019
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I am having an issue adding a share to a new AFS instance where it reports “iSCSI discovery of targets failed to iSCSI portal Ensure that the stargate external data services IP and the CVM IPs are reachable from FSVM.”


I have confirmed the CVM IP’s and FSVM IP’s are all bound to the eth0 interface of there respective devices and are all in the same network segment.  All devices can ping all IP’s in the range so at least basic comms are working.


I am sure I am missing something obvious but not sure where to go from here.  Suggestions please!

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1 reply

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Supported protocols for fileshares are SMB and NFS.

Please see Nutanix Files Guide: Creating a File Share or Export

Please let me know if that helps.