Is there a detailed HCL?

  • 22 October 2020
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Hi all!

I’m looking for a HCL that details the exact firmware versions of specific components of a server to make sure that we are in the clear before we install or upgrade Nutanix.

As far as I can tell there isn’t anyone to be found, at least not for someone who doesn’t have an account for the support portal (and I find it pretty odd to “hide” the HCL).

I know there are HCL’s to be found outside of the support portal but those are extremely generic.

Is there an HCL that is this detailed or is it only through trial and error we can figure out if we have the correct firmware?


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4 replies

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Say thanks to LCM, it will update all firmwares and software for you. It will install only compatible versions. And you don’t need to check IMT. 

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Thanks for the quick reply. Will this be done during the initial deployment of the cluster?

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To answer your most recent question, LCM can be leveraged post deployment. The documents you are looking for certainly exist. You are right in saying that one would need a portal account to view the HCL. But then if you are considering Nutanix deployment I feel like you should already have it. In any case I am more than happy to assist you with arranging access if you message me your contact details, company name and a country via message directly option of this forum.



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I sent you a PM but completely forgot to include the details you asked for. /facepalm. 

I’ll send you a new one at once.