Is it possible to deploy Nutanix nodes without Foundations Tools?

  • 7 January 2020
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Hi, I am new here and this is my firts experience with Nutanix.

I need to deploy 3 nodes, and I’ m going to use the native Hypervisor from Nutanix (AHV).

I saw a video explainning that,  to do it, it’s necessary to download and use the Foundation Tools to configure the cluster and than, gathering access to PRISM. Unfortunally, I can’t download Foundation, due to the Nutanix blocks were registered by our customer (message: ...The email XXXXXXX is not authorized for the account associated with the serial number YYYYYYY) and we don’t know who did it. We are trying to identify who registered the blocks but, meanwhile, Is there another way to deploy it without the Foundation tool, or is there a way to unregister the blocks and register again but to different user account?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Thelmo,,

If you are supporting a customer, have them open a case with Nutanix Support and they can add you as an authorized user in their support portal.   

If the cluster is already running AHV, you can stop the VMs, if there are any running, then stop the cluster and then destroy it.   This leave the hosts in a unconfigured state and will be ready to redeploy the Nutanix cluster.   When you get access to the Support Portal, you can download the Offline Installer and configure the cluster using that.


Thanks tgray!


Finally, we discovered the person who has the right credentials and we could installed the nodes. 

Thanks again for the help!