Is it a problem to use vCenter 7.0 ?

  • 30 October 2020
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Looking at the site below, I understand that ESXi 7.0 is supported. But I'm not sure if vCenter 7.0 is supported.

Is it a problem to use vCenter 7.0 ?

Also, where can I find out which vCenter versions are supported?


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3 replies


I would imagine you have to upgrade vCenter to 7.0 before it can manage ESX 7.0 hosts, so I would wager it’s supported. 

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Hi @Ryuji34 , 

As long as the vCenter and ESXi compatibility/product interoperability requirements are met on the VMware side, there should be no issues with running vCenter 7.0 with the ESXi 7.0 nodes. Nutanix only looks for the ESXi version (not vCenter) to be compatible with the AOS version and the hardware it runs on.

I have a similar question, although I need to upgrade VCSA to 7.0, but am not planning (for now) to upgrade ESXi (currently at 6.7U3).  Nutanix AOS is currently  Will Nutanix be compatible with VCSA 7.0, or will I need to update the Nutanix AOS to a later version, and which version will I need?  Again, this is only upgrading the vCenter Server Appliance, not ESXi.  Thank you.