IPMI not connecting

  • 7 January 2020
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When i try to connect to IPMI by clicking on the link in Prism Central i get an error stating the site can not be reached because it timed out.  It seems to be related to the firewall maybe.  Any information where to start?

thank you

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First Id start with basic network troubleshooting. 


  1. Is IPMI interface showing a link and cabled correctly
  2. Is IPMI on the same network you are on (ie. connected to same vlan / subnet)
  3. Basic network troubleshooting (ie. can you ping the IP)

Should the above not point you to the issue then it would likely be an issue on the networking side. (on different vlan, switch port not enabled / configured etc)


If you are going through a firewall to get to it then it could be firewall ports not being configured.


Please review and let me know if you were able to find this helpful.