Installing Nutanix

  • 28 February 2024
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Greetings All,

I am new to the Nutanix world (VMware refugee). We have a small vSphere deployment with 3 ESXi hosts (6 functional guests) being backed up via Veeam (on-prem). I am considering replacing this with Prism and AHV also backed up via Veeam. This would seem rather straight forward but it is not proving to be at the moment. Working with the CE installer and following along with the YouTube video by Nutanix University I keep getting stopped by various issues that do not align with what seems to be known issues. The first was the Realtek driver (I deactivated the onboard NIC and replaced with an Intel Server NIC). I am able to ping the AHV but the CSM is not running so I cannot get past the 6:50 point in the video which is ping the CSM.


The test server specs are as follows:

Intel Core i9 12900k

3 nVME drives (1TB each)

64GB DDR4 memory

Intel I350T2V2 Server NIC

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