Installing Discrete Graphics Host Drivers on AHV Hosts

  • 21 August 2020
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Did you know that AHV hosts can be accelerated by discrete graphics hardware (similar to how home gaming systems are accelerated)? This is especially useful for environments such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments where it is desirable to accelerate individual desktops being shared out to large user communities.

The host driver for the discrete graphics hardware can be easily installed on AHV hosts via a single command as executed from just a single CVM of a Nutanix cluster (executing the command from a single CVM will install it across all of the CVMs of the cluster – no need to touch each CVM/host individually). Information regarding this single-command procedure can be found from the INSTALLING NVIDIA GRID VIRTUAL GPU MANAGER (HOST DRIVER) section of the AHV ADMINISTRATION GUIDE.

Also, just to note, the host driver can be installed on hosts running an ESX hypervisor using a different procedure. That procedure can be found via the knowledge base article Install NVIDIA GPU Driver on ESXi.

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