Installing additional instance of Central

  • 11 March 2020
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New to Nutanix and have a question that may have already been answered, although I could not find it with a quick search. 

We are needing to install an instance of Prism Central in our backup datacenter and need to know if there are any issues in running this application in multiple locations at the same time, or is there a specific installation method for HA?  If HA is not available are there any issues in actively using both instances via round robin DNS entries?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Hi JoeAnderson,

It’s an interesting thought. Unfortunately, it will not work as you can only register a PE to one PC.

The best solution I can think of would be to deploy scaled i.e. 3 PC VMs at either DR or at a third remote site.

You can choose to deploy 3 PC VMs at once or scale out later.

Let us know if that helps or if you have further questions.