Install Proliant DL360 GEN9 error installation

  • 5 February 2024
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I want to install on Proliant GEN9 but i have error at the installation:


I dont have a RAID on this server.

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1 reply

I have found the solution:

I need to recreate raid on smart array on install work. I suppose they are data on disk before.

Now i have another problem:

when i create the cluster in cli on cmv she display this messages during many hours:

Waiting on “IP” (Up, ZeusLeader) to start:  SysStatCollector IkatProxy IkatControlPlane SSLTerminator SecureFileSync Medusa DynamicRingChanger Pithos InsightsDB Athena Mercury Mantle Stargate InsightsDataTransfer Ergon GoErgon Cerebro Chronos Curator Prism Hera CIM AlertManager Arithmos Catalog Acropolis Uhura NutanixGuestTools MinervaCVM ClusterConfig APLOSEngine APLOS PlacementSolver Lazan Polaris Delphi Security Flow Anduril XTrim ClusterHealth


What is the problem ? if you have an idea.