Image Configuration - Error occurred while getting image list

  • 29 March 2019
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I have been getting the below error when i select image configuration. When i do image.list i could see the images in acli.

Image name Image type Image UUID
Nuatnix Xtract kDiskImage f3b18c26-e461-44af-b3e1-bc295078fe40
Virto-Windows kIsoImage ffcbbf1d-7380-4803-af4c-fd16fa6795f3
Windows_2016 kIsoImage 15ec4036-703b-471d-9887-3cb6a569426e

[h4]Error occurred while getting image list[/h4]

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4 replies

same error on a fresh new Nutanix platform ;
VERSION NUTANIX 20170830.200
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hmm... getting the same error. I can also refresh my image list. I already tried restarting the prism service but that did not help.
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nm - i figured it out - i had removed a storage container and some images were stored there - if you do
on an image that was stored on a container you removed, it will throw an error. but you can do image.delete on it, and after i removed all of them, GUI works again to get the image list.

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If you are using AHV, this article could help:

Error occurred while getting Image list" message may be shown while trying to access image configuration