iDRAC equivalent for NX nodes?

Hello dear Nutanix community,

Just wanted to check, does the IPMI port on NX servers offer a UI for server health monitoring/management and temperature/fan stats like iDRAC for Dell XC servers or HP iLO for HP?

Thank you.


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Hi @Square 

Yes the do! I’m not used to Dell iDRACs but let me show a few snapshots from an NX block on my lab It’s a little bit old, but you can get the idea.

Temperature Sensors:

Event Log:

Multi Node Stats from a 4-Node block (Sorry Node-D didn’t fit into the snapshot)

Also Power Consumption (Good to know)


Hope this helps!


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In addition to the pictures posted above from the IPMI console, on newer versions of IPMI you can make API calls to get all of this information. IPMI works well and there is a ton of information there.