HP Tape MSL 2024 FC Solution

  • 9 April 2015
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I am new to Nutanix world. I would like to know about the MSL 2024 FC Tape drive solution integration with Nutanix Servers. I have found the Network FC Cards for Network cards but not able to find FC HBA for external storage connectivity. Please reply.


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8 replies

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Hi @saquib382 - We are excited to have you as part of this community! and I hope to connect with you at the Nutanix .NEXT user conference!

@DonnieBrasco @cbadami @aakashj - can you folks provide any insights here?
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Hi saquib382,

I assume the purpuse of this tape vault os for backup of your VMs/data.

Are you using an specific backup utility like Veeam?

Since our nodes do not have a FibreChannel HBA, I would suggest the use of a proxy server that would be connected to the Tape Vault. You would use the vmkernel management network (10GigE) to connect the cluster to the proxy, something like the following image.

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Thanks for response. I am actually deploying Symantec Backup Exec which load driver from the FC HBA. If Nutanix is not providing FC HBA support then how we can connect this to perform Backups on Tape. Please reply.

@f3rm1n Can you share pictures as u shared in your reply?

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I have no more images to share; I don't know if Symantec caould provide an agent to be installed on a proxy server that would get the backup data from the agents in each VM and store it on tape, again, it would be a configuration like the image above.
I believe there is also a BackupExec appliance that could perhaps accomplish this.

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Thanks for information. Can you please assist me about the Proxy server? What does this mean?

Also we are not sure that Backup exec solution will work and we need to run appliance based solution for Backup exec.

Also i was talking about the same image you have shared in your first reply. i am not able to view image.
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Any reply please ?
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I know this is not for Symantec Backup Exec, but take a look at:

It may give you some ideas as to how to implement it.
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What hypervisor are you using? I have implmented symantec netbackup with Nutanix, so pehaps backup exec is similair. The way we do it is we have a pool of physical netbackup media servers with fibrechannel cards installed and backup VM's using VADP over NBD transport, works well and is fairly scalable. Not much point in virtulising your backup server, as I guess the only way to do it is pass a fibrechannel card through to a VM via VT-D. Was this your original intention?
Let me know if I can assist.