HP 360 G7 ESx (6.7or7.01or70.2or70.3)Failed-Install

  • 14 October 2022
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HP 360g7 config: 6core x2 processor, 96Gb ram, hp 332T 2port1GB lan card.
480 SSD connected sata port.
62GB class10 memory card.
SAS 300GB 10kRPM (raid 0).
I’m getting Failed install error message in esxi ( 6.7,7.01,7.02u,7.03).0
In ESXi: devices I see the (SSd, hdd and memory card) but 0 Datastores and 0 VM.
I tried, 

  • Edit get_disk_locations_ce function.
    • old code:   if wwn in disk:
    • new code:   if (wwn != None and wwn in disk) and (disk not in device_identifiers):
    • remove this elif statement in that function:
elif disk[-3:] == ":10":
location -= 1
  • In /bootbank/Nutanix/firstboot/      rm firstboot_fail
  • ./ 

Did not even work. 
Can anyone help me, I can't find a fix for it. can someone help me Please. 
Thank you

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Hello @Diwakar Kumar 

The earlier Gen from HP I could see it supported is Gen9, please contact Nutanix support to make sure that HP Gen7 is supported or not.