How to update network on windows guest running on AHV?

  • 18 February 2021
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We have created a new vlan for windows 10 VM and I wanted to update existing network to new network. I was not able edit the existing network and choose the new one, it is grayed out. 

Do I need to delete and re-add new nic and choose the new network? For ESXi, you simply browse the network and select the one you want and save it.


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What AOS version are you running? You should be able to change the network in the most recent versions (I believe in 5.11 and later).

Hey Steve,

starting with AHV-20201105.12 and AOS 5.19 you can change nic networks like in vsphere or hyper-v.



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For an older AOS version, you would re-create the NIC or power off and use aCLI to update the NIC see this thread.