How to reset nutanix user password in Nutanix Move for Web GUI access?

  • 9 September 2020
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There are cases where we forget the password for "nutanix" user which is used to login to Move Web GUI console. Nutanix user is a Move app user and not a user on the Move-vm. Therefore, "passwd nutanix" does not work and to reset it we need to follow the manual process mentioned in the below KB article: How to reset nutanix user password in move for Web GUI access

The procedure mentioned in the above article is to reset the password for "nutanix" user only and not admin (cli) user.  Password reset of "admin" who is a user on the move-vm would not be possible as it is the only user exposed on the move-vm. Allowing to reset the "admin" password externally would cause security violations in case of malicious actions. The only way in this case would be to re-deploy the Move appliance. The following documentation includes the step by step process of deploying a new Move VM: Move Deployment

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