How to Migrate Clusterd VM (SQL Cluster)

  • 13 February 2021
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Hi All,

How to Migrate Clusterd VM (SQL CLUSTER) from 2012 Hyper V Failover cluster to 2019 Failover Cluser?

Source Infra:

Hyper V2012 with Failover Cluster

VM : 2012 VM (SQL Cluster, Shared Disk)


Target Infra:


Hyper V 2019



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3 replies

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If it’s one VM you could do it manually. Take a look at this KB-1697 Manually Migrating VMs from a Hyper-V cluster to a Nutanix Hyper-V cluster using Export / Import. Let me know if that makes sense.


Hi Alona,

Thank you for reply  We have one VM 2.5 TB VM in Hyper V.

is there any tool is available for migrating Hyper V to Nutanix Hyper V cluster?

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Hi Muhammed,

If you follow the best practices for SQL you can use Move to migrate the cluster. Alternatively,  you can build a new VM on AHV following all the best practices, then take a backup of the DB and restore it to the new VM.

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