How to Migrate Clusterd VM (SQL Cluster)

  • 13 February 2021
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Hi All,

How to Migrate Clusterd VM (SQL CLUSTER) from 2012 Hyper V Failover cluster to 2019 Failover Cluser?

Source Infra:

Hyper V2012 with Failover Cluster

VM : 2012 VM (SQL Cluster, Shared Disk)


Target Infra:


Hyper V 2019



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3 replies

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Hi Muhammed,

If you follow the best practices for SQL you can use Move to migrate the cluster. Alternatively,  you can build a new VM on AHV following all the best practices, then take a backup of the DB and restore it to the new VM.

SQL Server Best Practices - How to split a single datafile

Solutions: Microsoft SQL Server


Hi Alona,

Thank you for reply  We have one VM 2.5 TB VM in Hyper V.

is there any tool is available for migrating Hyper V to Nutanix Hyper V cluster?

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If it’s one VM you could do it manually. Take a look at this KB-1697 Manually Migrating VMs from a Hyper-V cluster to a Nutanix Hyper-V cluster using Export / Import. Let me know if that makes sense.