How to delete old network switches visible in Prism Element

  • 16 February 2021
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Hello everybody,


i would like to remove a switch from the Network view in Prism Element, which also is no longer configured under Settings => Network Switch. The cluster was moved to different network a couple of months ago.


So far I was unable to remove this old network swith from the Network view in Prism Element and it’s also no longer visible using ‘ncli net list-switch’ in CVM command line.


There is only the existing switch configured under Settings => Network Switch.


We use AOS 5.15.4 LTS currently.


If I select ‘Go to Switch details’ when selecting the old visible switch in ‘Network’, I get an error => Switch with id ‘...’ was not found !


Any idea how I can remove such a switch, which is no longer available?





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Hi Didi7,

Looks like a stale entry. There’s a manual process to delete it but it has to be done by a Nutanix Support Engineer as part of the support case.

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Hello Alona,


thanks for letting me know. Well, I will open a case for both locations where we have this stale entry problems.


Please get in contact with your software engineers, so that end users can delete such entries from the Prism Element GUI themselves or via CVM commands at least through a knowledge base article.


It’s annoying to open support cases for such trivial things.


Thank you,