How can the health log file be limited?

  • 17 February 2021
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I have a small cluster of 4 nodes. Disk space usage for /home in all CVMs are increasing fast. After some investigation it appears that the /data/logs folder is taking majority of space, more specifically health_server.log file which is taking about 181gb now.


18133488        health_server.log.20201224-141301
1144624 sysstats


Does the health_server.log file keep collecting indefinitely, there must be a limit to this log file?





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Hey @Beg , Nutanix is aware of an issue in NCC 4.0.0, Where the health_server logs might not rotate as expected and instead end up filling /home partition. I think this matches the issue mentioned in KB-10530. This issue has been resolved in NCC version NCC-, Please upgrade to this version to permanently resolve the issue. Please go through the above KB for more details.


If not the above, can you check this KB for troubleshooting high /home partition space usage issues? 

Thank you @AnishWalia20 , upgrading to NCC- fixed this issue. /home folder size is down to normal range now on all CVMs.

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Hey @Beg Glad the issue is now resolved. Let me know if I can help in any other way.:smile: