hostd service is not running.

  • 16 August 2018
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Impact : If hostd service is not running, AOS upgrade will fail.
Cause : VMware hostd service may not be running.
Resolution : Check hostd status and restart it manually.

Node Id : ZM164S021332
Block Id : 16SM13330093
Block Type : NX-1065S
Cluster Id : 57606
Cluster Uuid : 00053fb4-2744-267d-0000-00000000e106
Cluster Name : NTX-DETACOOP01
Cluster Version : el7.3-release-euphrates-
Cluster Ips :
Timestamp : Thu Aug 16 7:29:06 -03 2018

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4 replies

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Hello Pedro,

You can follow the procedure from Nutanix KB 5098. In summary, you need to check if your cluster can tolerate one node being down, migrate virtual machines out of the node and the restart the affected node.
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Hi @Pedro Manuel did you see the reply from @RichardsonPorto ?

Let us know if that worked, also be cool if you could click the 'Best Answer' link next to the reply if it worked. It helps others in the community find solutions much quicker. Thanks 👍

Hello Everyone,

I’m facing the same problem, and I’m wodring if I should try to restart the Management agents from the ESXi host forst and see if that would resolve the problem without having to restarting the host ?

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@Chakir you could definitely try that to see if it makes any difference as it is part of the symptoms in the mentioned KB article above. If that did not resolve the issue you can try the recommendation in the KB article for the reboot of the node.