Have a customer that has a question, and we are not sure if it can work or not

  • 9 November 2020
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We have a customer that asks if they can use the serial port to pass data to the VMs and then get that data sent out from the servers? Does anyone know if this can be done with the serial ports for the Nutanix NX-3460-G7

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2 replies

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Hello @Trey577 , It would be good if you could provide some more data. What is the use case behind this ask? Which Hypervisor and Guest OS are we talking about. This might help us in providing better answer to your request.

Nonetheless, please check if the following documents help you with your requirement.

AOS - Esxi 6.5 and the Guest OS is windows 10 platform with RHEL 6.9 running on the platform. It is a analog signal coming through to a serial cable. What would be our best options to run this through the system to possibly pass onto other customers through virtual servers. Is our possible best option going serial to USB?