Hardware Memory Compatibility

  • 17 January 2020
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I have an opportunity to acquire some retired Nutanix memory.  The retired memory is  NX-1065-G5 nodes and our Cluster is NX-6035-G5.  From what I have been able to trace they appear to use the same memory modules.  Can anyone confirm this?

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4 replies

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NX-1065S and NX-6035C Is this your model? If it is, it does support. 
 Supported Memory Configurations (Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge).


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I am fairly certain I understand the memory configurations.  My question is if memory for a NX-1065-G5 node is the same memory that is installed in a NX-6035-G5 node?

Online research looking for replacement for both indicates that they are the same modules but I thought I would ask here confirm here.

For those who might come looking later, this has been answered by a Nutanix Systems Reliability Engineer.  Please see below:

“Yes, memory DIMMS for a NX-1065-G5 are interchangeable with NX-6035-G5 assuming they are the same size (GB), speed (PC4-2400) and from same manufacturer.”

Best Regards,

Sandeep Vuzzini

Systems Reliability Engineer, Nutanix”

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I didn’t see it mentioned here so thought I would add, the IPMI UI > system > Hardware information page on any NX-series host will display the DIMM specs. Since mixing vendors, speeds, and sizes is restricted you will want to confirm the manufacturer and part number from here. If they are a match with the DIMMs you want to add, it’s confirmed the additional DIMMs would be supported.