Guidelines regarding application consistent snapshot

  • 24 October 2019
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In modern IT Infrastructure, data is critical and having a copy of your data from where you can recover from has become an important pre-requisite for system design. To achieve this we use a technology known as Snapshot.

So is it possible to even save your system running state while taking a snapshot in Nutanix environment?

Absolutely Yes

In Nutanix, we provide a technology known as application-consistent snapshot which can be selected when configuring Data Protection Domain.

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So Nutanix have some guidelines with regards to Application consistent Snapshot?

Absolutely yes

  • Nutanix recommends installing NGT on the VMs.
  • Microsoft VSS service should be enabled.
  • The workload running must be able to support to quiesce I/O operations.
  • You must configure one consistency group for each VM.
  • For the protection of VAAI clones with application consistency, each VAAI clone should be in its own protection domain.

These are a few general guidelines which should be followed.

Want to know about all the guidelines in-depth and different workloads and OS supported for an application-consistent snapshot

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Application-Consistent Snapshot Guidelines


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