Guest Tools Install Error

  • 12 August 2016
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I have encountered a fault when installing the guest tools on Linux. The guest agent fails on start and atempts to start it exhibit the same. Linux is Centos 6.8 and AHV Nutanix 4.6.2

Process to produce problem

/media/installer/linux/install_ngt.pyUsing Linux Installer for centos linux distribution.Setting up Nutanix Guest Tools - VM mobility drivers.Successfully set up Nutanix Guest Tools - VM mobility drivers.Installing Nutanix Guest Agent Service.Successfully installed Nutanix Guest Agent Service.Waiting for Nutanix Guest Agent Service to start.Nutanix Guest Agent Service failed to start.Check /usr/local/nutanix/logs/guest_agent_stdout.log for info.more /usr/local/nutanix/logs/guest_agent_stdout.logTraceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 239, in start() File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 56, in start service = NgtGuestAgentService() File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 125, in __init__ self._rpc_service = get_rpc_service(self._ngt_guest_rpc_client) File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 26, in get_rpc_service return NgtGuestAgentRpc(rpc_client) File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 136, in __init__ self._system_uuid = self.get_system_uuid() File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 143, in get_system_uuid self._system_uuid = get_linux_system_uuid() File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 70, in get_linux_system_uuid output = run_command(argsList) File "/usr/local/nutanix/bin/", line 40, in run_command % (command, p.returncode, output, err))UnboundLocalError: local variable 'p' referenced before assignment

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5 replies

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Can you please file a support ticket so we can link up with you and debug?

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All our support seems to be routed through Dell. How would I log a case direct to Nutanix?
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File a case with Dell and ask them to escalate it to Nutanix, and they can get us involved.
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I have requested Dell to pass the case that was opened earlier today to yourselves
For what it's worth I have seen the same issue with a base (minimal ISO) CentOS 6.8 install. With the same base (minimal ISO) CentOS 7 install the tools install and start as expected. CentOS 7 version: 7.3.1611 (Core)