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  • 14 October 2016
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I am new to Nutanix, we just received the demo machine yesterday.
I have a question, how to get started up and running with basic stuff.
I got the box NX-3450 setup, plugged all the wires, turned on but making loud noise non-stop.
I appreciate your help.

2 replies

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Where did you receive this unit from? Your reseller partner? or a Nutanix employee?

Please work with your reseller or Nutanix rep to drill into this, as they can help you either get support on that unit if it has a support contract under the Reseller or if it is a POC that we're providing to you from Nutanix
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solved after calling Nutanix rep.
One of the power supply was faulty, I removed one (pulled it out), resolved the issue - alarm sound went off.