Generate Crash Dump Files for Linux Guest VMs

  • 6 November 2020
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There are times when working with your environment that one of the Linux guest servers will go unresponsive. Nutanix Support may ask for crash dump files from the Linux VM to further analyze the cause.

One such method is to use “sysrq”. This utility found on the Linux Guest OS allows access to several essential kernel commands and allow Nutanix Support to take a more holistic approach in trying to find a root cause.

NOTE: If the VM is hung/inaccessible and "sysrq" has not already been activated, you may not be able to generate a core dump with the following method. You can configure the "sysrq" when VM is up and running and wait for the future occurrence.

For more information on how to activate this feature, take a look at the KB 9066 on the Support Portal

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