From VMW to NTNX

  • 20 January 2024
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Hi Gurus, 

Is NTNX CE will allow me to explore all NTNX technologies and features? 

I am shifting skills from VMW to NTNX so my question is if I have a physical server how many of CEs I can install as nested and learn NTNX and to which level I can

Please help me demystifying NTNX 

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3 replies

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Yep, CE is great to see and play with the Nutanix Prism (similar to vCenter in Nutanix world).

20GB minimum RAM is needed, but you’d be better with 32GB+

Check out -

This post is quite old but should give you a good start -






Great thank you! 

One more QQ; will I be able to experience the NTNX k8s using the CE as well or that will be different story? 

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Yes afaik you can.

I've seen similar posts with folks asking questions from a position of having it installed so fingers crossed.

The surge of interest in CE for investigations post the Broadcom chaos will help flesh out answers and ideas too.

I suspect I'll need to find some lab hardware to join the CE testing :)

Take care