Foundation - last reboot complete Fatal (73%)

  • 30 March 2016
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I have running foundation to reimage my Nutanix Box , it stuck at 73 % , below are the error i get from the log :

20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Conserving space in bootbank by moving large installation files to the scratch partition.20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Running cmd [u'mkdir -p /vmfs/volumes/NTNX-local-ds-13SM15340016-C/Nutanix']20160330 08:16:02 CRITICAL FATAL: Execution of cmd [[u'mkdir -p /vmfs/volumes/NTNX-local-ds-13SM15340016-C/Nutanix']] failed for reason [mkdir: can't create directory '/vmfs/volumes/NTNX-local-ds-13SM15340016-C/': Operation not permitted]20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Running cmd ['touch /bootbank/Nutanix/firstboot/.firstboot_fail']20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Changing ESX hostname to 'Failed-Install'20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Running cmd ['esxcli system hostname set --fqdn Failed-Install']20160330 08:16:02 ERROR Exception in running Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/abetiger/main/builds/build-installer-", line 120, in _run File "/home/abetiger/main/builds/build-installer-", line 138, in run File "/home/abetiger/main/builds/build-installer-", line 271, in wait_for_eventStandardError: Received fatal in waiting for ['Last reboot complete', 'fatal']20160330 08:16:02 DEBUG Setting state of from RUNNING to FAILED20160330 08:16:02 INFO INFO: Running cmd [u'esxcli network ip interface ipv4 set -i vmk0 -I -N -t static']20160330 08:16:03 INFO INFO: Running cmd [u'esxcfg-route']20160330 08:16:04 INFO INFO: Running cmd [u'esxcli network ip dns server add -s']

Could someone please help on this ? I am using bare metal method to reimage .Version :Foundation
NOS : 4.5.2
ESXI : 6.0 U1a



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3 replies

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Can you please file a support ticket with all of this information, so we can formally track this?

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Hi Zacklee,

Does it happen on entire node or only one ?

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your input , i have use the Manual way to reimage the Node .

I will log the case if i have face this again.