Foundation Fail to Reimage

  • 5 May 2015
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Hi Guys,

Ive been trying to reimage a block of mine but it keeps failing.

from the foundation logs , it keep showing this message. im able to access to IPMI directly using the ip address.

Stopping imaging thread poolImaging thread pool stoppedTraceback (most recent call last): File "/home/nutanix/foundation/lib/", line 390, in service_imaging_thread foundation_port) File "/home/nutanix/foundation/lib/", line 365, in do_imaging imaging_step.pre_threading_prep() File "/home/nutanix/foundation/lib/", line 187, in pre_threading_prep raise StandardError(error_message(result, node_config.ipmi_ip))StandardError: Foundation couldn't reach the IPMI interface at Please double-check your IP addresses and network setup.

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4 replies

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Are you able to reach IPMI IP from Foundation VM ?

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Yes, I'm able to ping and also reach the Web of ipmi from the foundation itself
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In that case, I would suggest to restart the foundation and see if it works.
Try placing foundation VM in the same layer 2 network where you IPMI is connected in case it is not.
Make sure port IPMI command port 623, IKVM port 5900, 80 and 443 are accessible.
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Ive manage to Reimage the nodes.

This slightly older box of mine with IPMI Firmware 1.87 does not communicate with Foundation 2.1.
After upgrading to 3.4 i was able to communicate with Foundation 2.1.